If a cybercriminal was to gain access to your data, they could cause a range of problems. While you’d find that your sensitive information was less valuable, hackers could gain access to your bank account, your identity, or your finances, with that information now a part of their own online world. It’s important to keep the security of your data as high as it can be, but also keep in mind that security breaches can occur on a minute-to-minute basis.

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It is possible to protect your data using security protections in place, using modern security tools. If you are trying to minimize the impact of breaches, it can be helpful to create a personal security profile, keeping a record of your social media profiles and being in contact with a trusted industrial cyber security source.

If you are trying to protect yourself from these attacks, it’s important to continue to increase your awareness by working with a company like Fortinet. If you think you may have become a victim, the next steps can help.

Take control of your account and recover your data

In the event that your account has been compromised, contact your bank immediately. If you do not have a bank account, you can set up a financial plan online through your credit or debit card provider to track your credit, debit card, or other card account activity, reporting it to your card issuer, and preventing them from selling it to a debt collector.

Of course, if you need more help with recovering your information, you can also contact the FBI’s Cyber Tip Line at 1-800-CALL-FBI or visit http://www.fbi.gov/contact/ to arrange a call with your local office.

While you may not necessarily be able to do this by yourself, your bank can help you determine what account or accounts that may have been compromised.

If you find out that your information has been stolen, get in touch with your bank or credit card provider and get them to perform a security check and then report it to the appropriate authorities. If your bank or card provider is not sure what may have happened to your account, they can contact the financial institution whose security documents you were using when your information was compromised. If the company is responsible for keeping your information safe, you can ask them to contact you. The cloud security platform can help with protecting one’s data and also prioritize safety.

It may be possible to get your account back and for the criminals to have some control over their information. However, even though you might recover your money, you will be stuck with the added baggage of being identified as a criminal. It is important to understand that if you commit crimes online, you might end up in the public eye and forced to answer to the public.

Be sure to bring the information you collected in the incident to your bank or credit card provider in order to clear up any issues. Be certain that you bring any important documentation you were carrying when the incident occurred as well.

If you can, contact the police and file a report so that the police can obtain any evidence needed to charge your attackers, investigate the crime, and take care of the crime scene. Remember, as always, there is no excuse for noncompliance with your own financial obligations or ignoring a police report.

Prevent future breaches from occurring

Cybercrime doesn’t just hurt you and your information. It also creates harm for those who could benefit from knowing your personal information.